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Car fragrance diffuser

Mr & Mrs Fragrance's fragrant travel companions follow you on your journey, transforming them into unique sensory experiences thanks to a wide selection of fragrances.

Our car air fresheners are refillable or single use, depending on the model chosen.

They are made of EVA, an alcohol-free thermoplastic non-alcohol polymer, which contains fragrant essential oils.

Our products are Made in Italy.

NIKI - Always modern and trendy.

CESARE - A scented travel companion.

CESARE GT - A copilot with a sporty texture.

FIORELLINO - A joyful companion

    CESARE Blister Car Fragrance (set of 2)

    Perfume your car with style, enjoy your driving experience with a new design touch and discover a world of intriguing fragrances.

    RM 43.40
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    TITO Air Freshener (set of 4)
    RM60.00   36.00   40%
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    FIORELLINO Car Fragrance (set of 2)

    Fiorellino is the innovative car air freshener, made of non-toxic thermoplastic polymer Eva, available in many colors and fragrances. Fiorellino is practical and easy to use in your car, and it immediately releases its fragrance. Fiorellino is Made in Italy and its fragrances are alcohol-free.

    RM 47.17
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    NIKI Car Fragrance

    Niki Car Fragrance with changeable refills.

    RM 61.32
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